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Local Growth Evolutions: Recession, Resilience and Recovery

Editors: Peter Hall, Ron Martin, Peter Sunley and Peter Tyler,

This Special Edition of the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society aims to bring together current and new thinking on the determinants of local economic growth. It is seeking to explore a number of alternative perspectives and how these help us to understand the forces that are shaping patterns of economic growth and development at the local level at a time when many local economies are struggling to resume economic growth and prosperity. The Special Edition will also assess the scope for policy intervention and the direction this might take. It also wishes to focus on how regions and sub regions in the UK, Europe and the USA have differed in their response to, and recovery from, successive major economic recessions, and the extent to which these differences in response and recovery have affected long-run regional and sub-regional growth paths. A particular focus will be on the current crisis and recession, and how the geographies of this compare to those of the downturns of the early-1980s and early-1990s.

Topics covered in papers could include:

• The long-run empirics of local economic growth
• Understanding the determinants of local economic growth
• The resilience of local economies
• The local impacts of fiscal austerity
• Policies for local economic growth