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2014: Beginning a New Era in Usage Reporting

By Richard O'Beirne

Richard O’Beirne is the Digital and Journals Strategy Manager at OUP. Here Richard focuses on how we are updating our usage reporting systems in order to improve the reporting service we provide our partners.

Usage reporting

We are in the final stages of rolling out one of our largest ever projects: a complete re-engineering of the usage reporting system for OUP's digital products, including Journals.

In 2013, the OUP Journals platform recorded in excess of 300m page views. As the digital journal traffic increases, so too do the demands we have for a deep understanding of how these journals are being used. Reports offer a daily source of information: informing journal development and editorial strategy, identifying sales opportunities, measuring dissemination for marketing campaigns, and not least to report to subscribing customers their institution's downloads in a COUNTER-compliant format.

Our new reporting system allows OUP to provide our society partners with a higher level of service and a deeper understanding of journal usage. General usage statistics will be provided in publishing reports, but in addition, the new system allows direct access to a deep level of reporting for any society or editorial office at any time.

The most visible enhancement is a more interactive and intuitive interface, allowing you to view dashboards of relevant usage information for your journal or set of journals. Usage data is now captured using page tags which provide greater flexibility in the kind of reports that can be generated and a richer set of data to query. Second, the time between activity and reporting has been greatly decreased, allowing for more up-to-date tracking of usage. COUNTER reports will continue to be released to institutional customers on a monthly cycle.

Ad hoc report generation is also greatly enhanced. Data can be presented visually in a variety of charts, as well as in easy to read tables. All reports are downloadable for offline analysis. Reports can be built using parameters that cover key information from geographic location and visit duration to page type and most frequent entry or exit pages.

Useage Statistics

Figure: New usage statistics reporting interface

The new usage statistics portal rollout is under way and will include usage data for January 2014 onwards. If you wish to request access to the new system and have not already done so, please contact your OUP publisher or editor to let them know. While the new interface is much more intuitive than our current system, training materials, including videos, will be supplied as part of the rollout of the new system. As always, if you have questions about the service or have specific usage-related questions, contact your OUP publisher or editor.

Richard O'BrirneRichard O’Beirne is Digital and Journals Strategy Manager for Oxford University Press. Since joining OUP in 2004, he has worked in various roles across IT and Editorial and represents OUP on a number of publishing industry groups.