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China’s Economic Development 中国经济发展

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免费在线专题期次将有关中国经济发展的内容整合起来,这些内容来自牛津大学出版社出版的期刊、图书和在线资源。希望这期免费专题对您有益,并成为有趣的读物。我们将在未来刊载一系列主题期次,别忘了在我们的数据库中注册 您的账号,随时接收最新信息!


Journal Articles

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
Determinants of Producers' Participation in Agricultural Cooperatives: Evidence from Northern China
Shi Zheng, Zhigang Wang, and Titus O. Awokuse
Advances in Chinese Agriculture and its Global Implications
Colin A. Carter, Funing Zhong, and Jing Zhu

American Journal of Agricultural Economics


American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Old Farmer Pension Program and Farm Succession: Evidence from a Population-Based Survey of Farm Households in Taiwan
Hung-Hao Chang

Cambridge Journal of Economics


Cambridge Journal of Economics

Why has China succeeded? And why it will continue to do so
Jesus Felipe, Utsav Kumar, Norio Usui, and Arnelyn Abdon

Why are household incomes more unequally distributed in China than in Russia?
Björn Gustafsson, Li Shi, and Ludmila Nivorozhkina


Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society

Income inequality in China over 30 years of reforms
Dylan Sutherland and Shujie Yao

CESifo Economic Studies


CESifo Economic Studies

China in the World Economy: Dynamic Correlation Analysis of Business Cycles
Jarko Fidrmuc, Iikka Korhonen, and Ivana Bátorová

The Collapse Speed of China's Exports in the 2008–2009 Financial Crisis
Ran Jing

Industrial and Corporate Change


Industrial and Corporate Change

Regional institutions, ownership transformation, and migration of industrial leadership in China: the case of the Chinese synthetic dye industry, 1978–2008
Hong Jiang and Johann Peter Murmann

How the Chinese government promoted a global automobile industry
Wan-Wen Chu

Journal of Economic Geography


Journal of Economic Geography

Dynamics of innovation in a globalizing China: regional environment, inter-firm relations and firm attributes
Cassandra C. Wang and George C. S. Lin

The territorial dynamics of innovation in China and India
Riccardo Crescenzi, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, and Michael Storper

Oxford Economic Papers

Chinese saving dynamics: the impact of GDP growth and the dependent share
Carl Bonham and Calla Wiemer

Relaxing rural constraints: a ‘win-win’ policy for poverty and environment in China?
Ben Groom, Pauline Grosjean, Andreas Kontoleon, Timothy Swanson, and Shiqiu Zhang

Oxford Review of Economic Policy


Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Rebalancing the Chinese economy
Yu Yongding

Beyond dollar exchange-rate targeting: China’s crisis-era export management regime
Simon J. Evenett, Johannes Fritz, and Yang Chun Jing

The Quarterly Journal of Economics

Missing women and the price of tea in China: The effect of sex-specific earnings on sex imbalance
Nancy Qian

The razor’s edge: Distortions and incremental reform in the People’s Republic of China
Alwyn Young

Ownership and control in outsourcing to China: Estimating the property-rights theory of the firm
Robert C. Feenstra and Gordon H. Hanson

The Review of Economic Studies The Review of Economic Studies

Are Chinese Cities Too Small?
Chun-Chung Au and J. Vernon Henderson

Do Population Control Policies Induce More Human Capital Investment? Twins, Birth Weight and China's “One-Child” Policy
Mark R. Rosenzweig and Junsen Zhang
The Review of Financial Studies

Formal versus Informal Finance: Evidence from China
Meghana Ayyagari, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Vojislav Maksimovic

Privatization and Risk Sharing: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform in China
Kai Li, Tan Wang, Yan-Leung Cheung, and Ping Jiang
Socio-Economic Review


Socio-Economic Review

Historical sources of institutional trajectories in economic development: China, Japan and Korea compared
Masahiko Aoki

Asian business systems: institutional comparison, clusters and implications for varieties of capitalism and business systems theory
Michael A. Witt and Gordon Redding


Science and Public Policy

Innovation system in transition: Opportunities for policy learning between China and Russia
Evgeny A. Klochikhin
The World Bank Economic Review

The World Bank Economic Review
Chinese Firms' Entry to Export Markets: The Role of Foreign Export Spillovers
Florian Mayneris and Sandra Poncet

Online Products – Free Sample Articles


The World Bank Research Observer

Inequality in China: An Overview
John Knigh

Online Products - Free Sample Articles





Oxford Handbooks OnlinePrivate Equity in China (The Oxford Handbook of Private Equity)
Takeshi Jingu

Business Groups in China (The Oxford Handbook of Business Groups)
Keun Lee and Young‐Sam Kang

China and the Multinational Experience (The Oxford Handbook of Business and Government)
Jonathan Story

Employment Expansion in Globalization: How Is China Responding to the Change in Comparative Advantage? (The Oxford Handbook of Offshoring and Global Employment)
Cai Fang, Du Yang, Meiyan Wang, and Qu Yue

Commercial Policy and Experience in the Giants: China and India (The Oxford Handbook of International Commercial Policy)
Ganeshan Wignaraja

Oxford Bibliographies

Management Style in ‘Chinese Capitalism’
Fang Lee Cooke

Economic Reforms, 1978-Present
Ralph W. Huenemann

Economy, 1949-1978

Dwight H. Perkins